The Los Angeles Youth Network provides services and housing to foster care youth through our Short Term Residential Program. This program’s intensive mental health component builds an individualized plan towards permanency for each youth. This program operates out of two home-like settings and serves youth ages 12-17 that are referred to LAYN by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCSF).

Youth in Los Angeles’ foster care system have been placed there for myriad reasons, and because of the trauma they have experienced, their mental health challenges can be acute. Collaborating with representatives from the DCSF, we establish a team that supports the youth from the time they are housed at LAYN to their home-based placement. And for each youth and each youth’s team, we make the commitment to be there always – providing whatever support is needed as the youth strives to realize their dream of a self-sufficient adulthood. The goal of this program is to stabilize each youth so that a path towards permanency and self-sufficiency can be realized.

Our Short Term Residential Program is a SAFE PLACE for LGBTQ youth and is co-ed.

Short Term Residential Program

LAYN’s Short Term Residential Program provides housing, case management services, life skills training, and educational and employment for foster care youth. This program facilitates healing and long-term well-being by providing comprehensive mental health services that prepare youth for success in a foster home, with a relative, or in an independent living environment.

  • Ages 11-19
  • Six-month program, with possible extension
  • Congregated living
  • School enrollment, tutoring
  • Post-secondary education preparation
  • Career development & job placement
  • Life skills and instruction on self-advocacy
  • Mental health services
  • Leadership training
  • Internships
  • Cultural and enrichment activities that celebrate diversity
  • Case management
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Support in securing permanency through family reunification, transitional housing, or independent living arrangements

To receive services please call 323-703-7002.