The conference was filled with seminars and speeches that encouraged us to share best practices with one another, to learn and expand our knowledge. It was a great opportunity for LAYN youth to learn how to become advocates, speak to legislators and share stories from their past, but also of their hope and dreams for the future. We were able to discuss important funding needs with elected officials and their staff including support for Transitional Age Youth Living Programs, and for AB604 which provides critical support to youth aging out of the foster care system.

At LAYN self-advocating is integrated into everything we do with our youth and is a skill that eludes most of our youth due to the circumstances they are in.  Our youth are taught empowerment not only in their own future and outcomes but also encouraged to engage in their community. Our youth, who for the most part feel powerless, are given the opportunity to use their voice in the political process.  They are able to speak to their experiences, and give voice to the voiceless.  

Seeing these young people find their voice when they have felt powerless was an enriching experience beyond belief.   I learned how to be a better advocate for those that feel they have no voice, and I want to ask for your support.  I am asking you to activate, engage, give, and ask others to support LAYN. 

I know lately I have been asking myself, "What else can I be doing? Can I do more?" As we gather together, to recognize May as National Foster Care Month, I want you to know that this work would not be possible without supporters like you. We want to ask you to dig deeper and help support our programs on a monthly basis. Every month, you can say, "Yes, I did something!" Your ongoing support can help our youth with housing, education, mental health, career development, life skills, and so much more.


YOU can make an IMPACT!

Amanda Yard-Staten

Senior Director of Support Services 

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