LAYN’s programs and staff are uniquely trained to welcome, and support these young adults to self-actualize and meet their full potential.

To show our support, this year LAYN participated in the #RESIST March in Los Angeles. LAYN took this opportunity to celebrate and teach our youth an important tool: self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is one of the many life skills that our program staff at LAYN instills in our youth the moment they walk through our doors. We support and encourage all of our youth to live their most authentic self and to express their individuality through all of our programs. We support their choices in education, career development, and a path towards healthy living.

I personally have found that living your most authentic self is very powerful. At LAYN we empower our youth to seek out positive experiences, people, and permanent connections. Please join me in celebrating the diversity of our youth and donate to our programs in support of rich programming to create permanent solutions.


Mark Supper CEO/President




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