The Goal of our Transitional Living Program is to provide long term housing and services for homeless Transition Age Youth (TAY) ages 16-21.

We offer extensive supportive services that include educational advancement, life skills and job development to prepare them to become self-sufficient productive young adults and transition to safe, stable housing.

The transitional living program offers 17 beds for transition age youth through a congregate housing facility and scattered site apartments.  Many of these young adults transition from our emergency shelter program, other transitional living programs, or from adverse circumstances that have led to homelessness.  LAYN provides a support network of professionals to help them produce realistic life and program goals. These goals are used to drive their success through the program. LAYN ensures that all TAY enrolled are provided ample employment training and readiness through the LAYN internship program. Each participant is expected to gain valuable skills in employment readiness and supportive referrals, that can be used even after exiting the program. The transitional living program time frame allows skilled staff, working with these young adults over an extended period of time, to meet regularly and offer consistent help with achieving their goals. The program is structured to wrap the participant with one-on-one services that help them build their confidence in achieving their life goals.  

Each TAY entering the program will receive educational support towards achieving individualized academic goals. This goal setting process is developed by the young adult with the support of the staff. Also TAY receive life coaching sessions, which allow participants to process and plan out their current and future life goals, and further help guide them towards achieving those goals.

Although each transition age youth is invited to remain in the program for up to 18 months, it is also their option to determine the best time frame for their progression through the program, after which they are encouraged to participate in aftercare services.

These services include providing an aftercare kit of supplies needed for independent living, academic support, continued employment readiness and alumni invitations to recreational events hosted by LAYN.

From the beginning of the program entrance to the program exit, these young adults are provided continuous support towards goal attainment in the form of mentorship, life guidance and supportive structure.

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“Most youth haven’t been in school for months and sometimes years when they first come to LAYN and they want to be back in school. I would meet with each of the youth individually and assess their academic history. We then talk about what goals they want to achieve –high school diploma, GED, community college, a vocational program. From there I develop an assessment to figure out what goals we were to going to work toward.”
-LAYN staff member