BeachwoodLivingRoomThe GOAL of our Long-Term Group Home Program is to provide long-term housing and extensive supportive services to abused and neglected youth ages 12-17 years of age who have no other permanent housing options available to them. 

Having a long-term housing option for these particular youth allows our team of experienced professionals to be able to provide extensive supportive services to help guide them toward self-sufficiency and independent living.  

LAYN operates one of the few licensed long-term group home facilities in the Los Angeles area for unaccompanied minors affiliated with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  The Beachwood Group Home is comprised of 12 beds, offered to youth who have an open DCFS case, for an average length of stay of up to two years.  Many of the youth referred to the program come from our emergency shelter programs through our Continuum of Care model or are directly appointed by their DCFS case worker.  The majority of the youth entering our Beachwood Group Home have experienced extensive past abuse and neglect and many times have also experienced extended periods of homelessness and displacement.  Due to these unfortunate circumstances, many of these youth struggle with mental health issues, sexual and gender identity issues, and/or lack any familial connection.  The extensive supportive services provided at the group home are geared to help youth overcome these life barriers and empower them to make positive changes for their future.  These supportive services include case management and permanency planning, hands-on life skill training, individual and group mental health, job development and employment readiness, leadership and advocacy opportunities, mentoring, tutoring, educational planning and post-high school preparation.  

The Beachwood Group Home Program is specifically structured to promote an atmosphere of safety and comfort for all youth in placement.  Our highly trained residential care staff create a nurturing and supportive environment for the youth while also imposing structure and age appropriate rules that are necessary for a child’s proper development.  The unique long-term length of stay allows for our clinical staff to work intensively with the youth to help them develop the tools necessary for self-sufficiency and, ultimately, self-sustaining independent living.  All of these components combined offer our youth in placement the opportunity to grow into healthy, productive individuals in a nurturing, safe environment that they can proudly call home.

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“My mentor is awesome. She tries to be part of my life. She probably is more a part of my life than my mom. She takes interest in everything, and like everything that she tells me, I will listen to her because one of my biggest inspirations is women who build an empire off of nothing, and are really successful, and are not handed things, and that’s exactly what she is….She introduced me to a lady who designs the costumes for TV shows, and another lady who’s a fashion designer. It’s really cool to network with her and connect with other people.”
-Former LAYN resident