The GOAL of our Emergency Shelter Program is to provide youth in crisis with temporary shelter and supportive services to assist them in seeking safe, suitable long term housing options.

The Los Angeles Youth Network operates one of the few short-term emergency shelter programs in the Los Angeles area for homeless and runaway youth, ages 12-17.  These youth may come to us straight from living on the streets or are directly placed with us by the Department of Children and Family Services due to past abuse and neglect experienced at the hands of their caregiver.  Our Emergency Shelter Program is the first step in providing these youth with the safe and nurturing environment that they so desperately need and deserve.

LAYN offers 23 emergency shelter beds through separate locations (Gower/Taft) for these unaccompanied minors, for up to 30 days.  During their stay, a youth receives basic care necessities such as food, clothing and hygiene products as well as a wide array of supportive services; including case management, mental health, job development, life skills, tutoring, mentoring and educational services.  Our highly trained residential care staff creates a caring, safe and supportive living environment for the youth to be able to focus on stabilizing their lives.  Our dedicated clinical staff assists the youth in developing attainable case plan goals to help guide them toward self-sufficiency. 

This team of professionals also helps the youth develop a permanency plan to ensure that they exit to a safe and appropriate permanent housing option; either through family reunification services, foster family connections or placement in one of LAYN’s long-term housing programs.  Due to the relatively short length of stay in the program, the intensive supportive services provided are geared to ensure that all youth in placement achieve a level of personal success.  It is our experience that a youth can positively progress in life with an active network of supportive individuals surrounding them.

If you are a youth in need of emergency shelter click here

“The most pivotal experience I’ve had at LAYN as a volunteer social worker is really more ongoing. I’m surprised every day being face to face with youth at the amount of resilience that they have, the amount of hope they bring to the table every day. Amazingly small things happen and amazingly big things happen here with the youth. It’s really rewarding to see youth once they get involved in the program and they start having to go to school, get a job, you start seeing the little glimmers of hope within their eyes.”
-LAYN Psy D intern