The Goal of the LAYN Employment Training Program is to ensure that youth are provided the tools needed to gain a livable wage. This training program offers a variety of opportunities to gain skills that will contribute to youth’s employability and workplace competence.

In one year, our employment team provided over 250 youth with job readiness training and placed over 20 youth into internships of which some turned into permanent employment opportunities. The Employment Training Program is neatly woven into the housing services program. Each youth that resides in the emergency shelters, group home or transitional living programs will receive job readiness training and the opportunity for an internship.

Job Readiness Training

All youth in need of basic job skills participate in a six-session job preparation workshop program. The series covers basic employment skills including job searching, completing applications, resume writing, interviewing, employee rights and dealing with issues at work. On average, youth participating in the job preparation program show a 20% increase in their employment skills. Youth who transition to our group home continue developing their employability skills through additional group sessions and support. Group sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the group and individual sessions vary depending on the youth’s specific circumstance. Some youth who are already employed may simply need support around sustaining employment and troubleshooting difficult work scenarios. Other youth who are just beginning their journey may need specific coaching around appearance and interviewing. All in all, we are there to supply each youth with the skills necessary to get a job.


Youth are also able to gain employment skills through hands-on, experiential learning by participating in paid in-house or paid community internships. In-house internships are three-month long positions offered within the agency and supervised by LAYN staff.

Youth who are successful in their in-house internship become eligible for a community internship. LAYN partners with several community business owners including Tender Greens, Wood and Vine Restaurant, League of Women Voters, Alma Restaurant, Hairroin Salon, Dress for Success, and Rose City Coffee Cart. These internship partners take on a youth intern to work for a six-month period. During their internship, youth learn hard skills as they relate to the specific industry and soft skills they will need to help them obtain and sustain employment. Much like the in-house internships, youth participating in a community internship are evaluated by their supervisor. These evaluations help the youth further develop their employment skills and help guide them through the LAYN program. Some youth continue on to part-time or full time employment with the community partner after completing a successful internship. LAYN and our partners believe that all youth deserve the chance to be prepared for a successful, productive adulthood, and therefore do not discriminate against anyone based on their race, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and personal beliefs.

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