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The Goal of LAYN Programming is to provide youth in crisis with temporary and long term shelter, along with supportive services that promote safety and self sufficiency.

Through our programming, LAYN offers many opportunities to engage, care and prepare our youth toward becoming a positive contribution to society. Each program takes a youth centered approach to reaching each youth individually, and thus facilitates appropriate assessments of the individual needs of each youth participating our programs. From the first point of engagement, through street outreach efforts, our team seeks to identify basic needs and further extends a helping hand by providing on-hand resources or referrals. Afterwards, if a youth choose to accept shelter placements with us, we exercise great caution to first welcome them and make sure that they feel at home and are comfortable. We then make it a priority to partner with our youth residents and assist them with gaining valuable life skills such as employment and job readiness, academic achievement and establishing positive connections with peers and adults.  

Among our programs includes outreach, housing, education, employment assistance and supportive services. The LAYN Outreach team seeks to build trusting and supportive relationships with youth living directly on the streets.  The Housing program, which includes emergency shelter, group home and transitional living services seek to ensure a safe, welcoming and productive environment that promotes self sufficiency and age appropriate independence. The Education program seeks to customize an appropriate school placement based on youth needs and goals, in addition determine necessary support for achieving those goals. The Employment programs ensure that youth are provided the tools needed to gain a livable wage. The Supportive Services of LAYN include effective case management, counseling, family reunification and after care support, along with various recreational/enrichment activities, all of which seek to arm youth with the proper tools toward self sufficiency while they are in our care, and after they leave.  Whether a youth interacts with our staff solely at the street level, or a youth chooses to accept a long-term placement, we are there to offer effective programming that could redirect youth towards a very hopeful future.