Community and Street Outreach, Drop-In Services

We believe that homeless and foster youth deserve to know that the community cares.

Imagine running out of options and turning to the street. Imagine being moved from placement to placement with no say in where you’re going next. Imagine not knowing what you’ll eat for dinner, or where you’ll sleep. Now, imagine experiencing all this at only 15 years old.

These types of situations are the grim reality that teens in our community are living right now in the city of Los Angeles.  At LAYN, we believe that things can be different. It starts with engagement: making life-saving connections in the community and with individual youth.

Through community outreach, we connect with key stakeholders throughout the city.  Department of Children and Family Services workers, law enforcement, school personnel, clergy, other local service providers - we bring these key stakeholders around the table to talk about the issues facing homeless youth. 

Through street outreach, LAYN finds youth in their darkest moments. We give them survival items such as blankets, hygene kits, and food. We connect them with services, and we let them know that there are safe places to go. When youth stop by our drop-in center, they may get a hot shower, a home-cooked meal, or a safe place to rest for a few hours. They also get a glimpse of what safe shelter can look like-a world they can fit into that isn’t falling apart at the seams.

We believe that homeless and foster youth deserve to be safe and connected.engagestaffphoto

“I think we have amazing staff. They’re very hands-on and really know how to build relationships. Everyone is so different that there’s always someone a kid can relate to and really get down to the kids level.”

 -LAYN staff member