Emergency and Long-Term Shelter

We believe that all kids deserve to feel safe and cared for.

Youth arriving at LAYN from either the street or from the foster care system have lived a childhood of traumas.  Most have come from unstructured, chaotic, and at time dangerous environments  Through experiencing these challenges, our teens have formed an amazing ability to be resilient.  On the other hand, they are constantly living in survival mode.  They don't know where to turn or who to trust.

At LAYN, it's not only about providing a safe place to sleep.  When these youth arrive at our doors, they give us the gift of their trust.  In return, we give acceptance.  Slowly, youth begin to make connections with caring staff.  They receive case management, medical attention, and re-establish family relationships when safe and appropriate.  They begin to recognize their own resilience and strengths, and build upon them.  Through LAYN's holistic approach, youth begin to learn that they are valued for who they are, and as a result, they begin to rise above the chaos they came from to look toward the future.

careformerstaffpic 2"The biggest impact I think LAYN provides to our youth is the connection to adults and society.  That's such a basic and important necessity for their development.  LAYN gives youth the resources they need so they can get a job and find their place in society to help them become self sufficient."


-Former LAYN staff member